Our Team

The one quality each member of our team shares is a love of exceptional food. Meet some of our team and see what they love to nibble on.

  • Ronnell Porter Operations

    I have a very big family, 4 boys. When we have family gatherings in my home making Pozole is fast and inexpensive. It’s a pork, hominy & green chili salsa soup topped with onion, cabbage and lime. No matter if it is a fight party or football game, Pozole gets served. It is a big hit in the Slicing department when we celebrate monthly birthdays. Everywhere I go I’m always asked to bring Pozole.

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  • Samantha Smith Marketing

    At our house, we try to eat healthy. Sometimes we can't eat our veggies fast enough before they rot. Fermenting or pickling has helped us prevent wasting food. Every so often we make a weekend of it, taking all our produce and jarring it. After a few weeks we pop the jars and place the fermented veggies and some Calabrese on toasted bread for a quick flavorful snack.

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  • Brooke Vincent-Lewis Finance

    My grandfather, my dad, my two uncles and myself have all attended the University of Utah, so tradition runs deep within the Vincent family. Tailgating before a Utah football game to me means tradition. There is nothing better than being outside on a fall day, spending time with my family and friends before a football game. And what better way to do that than with our new tradition of Piccante salami, cheese and a nice cold beer.

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  • Kyle Svete Sales

    I once had an extra Porchetta from a sales meeting and so I decided to throw it on my rotisserie before bringing it into the office. Most people have not tasted Porchetta in the traditional street food method with the topping of a quick slather of Italian salsa verde between bread. Some people are a little freaked out by the inclusion of anchovies & capers in the sauce but they are key in accentuating the briny-ness which is the perfect complement to crispy pork. It’s a simple sandwich with multiple levels of flavor.

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