Our Craft

Our greatest joy is sharing our craft with people who love great food. We expertly blend old world traditions with modern techniques to create new flavor profiles for modern food lovers. We always produce in small batches to ensure our team has full control. Here are the steps we take to make great salami.

  • Step 1: Grind

    Each product gets its own spice blend while it’s ground to the perfect consistency

  • Step 2: Stuff

    Our team monitors each salami to ensure a consistent, tight stuff

  • Step 3: Ferment

    We slow-ferment at low temperatures to develop each delicate flavor

  • Step 4: Age

    Products age in our climate-controlled rooms for up to 20 weeks for unparalleled texture & depth of flavor

  • Step 5: Package

    Our team does a final product and packaging check to certify product freshness

  • Step 6: Enjoy

    We’re leaving this step all up to you

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