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+ CAMPANIA SALAMI Spicy smokey Southern Italian goodness perfect for pizza.

+ ASIAGO FRESCO Creamy and mild cheese to quell Campania's flames.

+ HAYDEN FLOUR MILLS ARTISAN PIZZA FLOUR Heritage grain for the perfect crust.

+ SCARPETTA ARRABIATA SAUCE Tangy sauce for a feisty pie.

+ MAMA LIL'S PEPPERS The real "pepperoni."

The Creminelli Club
It's like having your own meat stylist.

We've done all the experimenting and pairing for you.  Presented in a gorgeous gift box delivered right to your door, each shipment is like a Swiss Army Knife for your social life - instant party for you and your food nerd friends or a gift for your boss, the host/hostess, the secret lover, your book club, knitting circle, or game night.

Plus, we even include tasting guides with beverage pairings to make you look like the Supreme Salami Leader to your friends.  CLUB MEMBER subscribers even get free shipping for anything they order from

Who's the rock star now?