Cristiano Creminelli

Artisan salami producer, Cristiano Creminelli, brings the best of Italy's handmade salumi to America.


Take a look at that face. It has cured meat artisan written all over it. It’s in the eyelids thick from long nights spent shepherding his craft through the delicate stages of drying and fermenting. It’s in the intent eyes reflecting a passion and purpose for something he cares about deeply. It’s in the knowing smile of a man who has something to share that he’s certain you will enjoy. It’s Cristiano Creminelli and he’s come to America to share his craft and his passion with you.

Two and a half minute crash course on how to peel, slice, store and enjoy artisan salami

Perhaps you got swept up in the excitement over handcrafted, traditional cured Italian meats and brought one home, but you’re asking yourself “now what?” Or perhaps you’re fascinated with the man they call Master Artisan Cristiano Creminelli and you’re dying to see him in his cinematic debut. Either way, this video is what you’re looking for.

Q & A with Cristiano Creminelli

Q: I bought a salami wrapped in paper and it was sticky. What should I do?

A: The stickiness is a result of condensation mixing with the rice flour on the outside of the salami. It isn’t altogether uncommon for this to occur on one small spot of the salami and should not keep you from consuming the salami as normal. If the entire salami is sticky and difficult to handle, you can either stick it back in the refrigerator unwrapped until it dries, or take it back to the store and have it replaced. We guarantee satisfaction on all of our products so please let us know at if you are not able to replace it at the store.

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Antipasto Plate
Antipasto Plate
your choice of Creminelli Salamis
(serves 4-6 per salami)