•   Felino & Manchego  

    Hints of nutmeg and pepper give our Felino a mild, accessible flavor and sheep's milk cheese from Spain creates a perfect pairing right from the package.

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  •   Prosciutto  

    The Creminelli version of a centuries-old tradition—enjoy the salty and sweet flavors of artisan prosciutto.

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  •   Varzi  

    With a coarse grind and notes of nutmeg and clove, Varzi is a delicious addition for any sandwich or antipasto plate.

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  • Slice of Life
    Vanessa Chang
    "When I don’t have time for a sit-down meal and I want real food, salami is a life saver. It's practical in terms of proteins and good fats, but honestly it just tastes great whether I'm enjoying it on an epic road trip, after a strength workout or at the end of a hike."
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  • Slice of Life
    Brooke Vincent-Lewis
    "I always bring along a bag full of Creminelli products to Saturday morning tailgates for Utah football games. It's so easy to prepare, and the best part is there's no clean up because all the salami gets eaten!"
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  • Slice of Life
    Jesus Ramos
    "The best conversations I end up having with friends and family are always around food. I love to serve up some Creminelli so we can just sit and snack while we talk about life."
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Our Animals
Our animals are raised in open living conditions and with no antibiotics, ever.
Our People
We are passionate food lovers striving to elevate the lives of our people and the standards of our industry.
Our Craft
Master Artisan Cristiano Creminelli's greatest joy is sharing his craft with people who love great food.
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